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Torque Tyres - Brand Film

The Brief

When Torque Tyres asked us to create an on-brand attention grabbing film to turn heads at an international exhibition we were so excited we revved our engines and pushed both feet down on the gas.

The Concept

At the core of the film was the brand’s DNA encapsulated in 3 words, ‘Performance’, ‘Precision’ and ‘Power’.

We art directed, storyboarded, photographed, animated, refined and delivered this eye-opening brand film from concept to completion.

For Precision, we took inspiration from ‘Audemars Piguet’ by Patrick Clair which helped set the parameters for the look and tone of the film, albeit with a new spin.

For Power, we bottled the feeling of a storm which typically is portrayed in films for Mustang or Lamborghini and embodied that feeling throughout. Subtle details such as the animated electrical overlays helped reinforce this message whilst drawing attention to the tread pattern and depth.

For Performance, we put the high performance tyre at the forefront of the film, with a sequence of burnouts and sound effects of high performance cars racing through a tunnel.

Finally, we introduced a new graphical backslash element adapted from the Torque logo to help drive the dynamic visuals and help ease the transitional flow between each scene.



Style Frames

The Result

On airing the film the Marketing Manager was almost speechless and called the whole team in for a viewing.

The end result is a film that attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition and has since been chosen to be the ‘hero’ film on Torque’s Website.

The success of the film cemented our relationship and now more films are in the works.


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