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Pizza Hut - Director's Cut

About The Film

Pizza Hut is loved by millions across the UK so when we were asked to create a film to “sell the sizzle” naturally we jumped at the chance.

The original film was very well received, however, it was not intended to be seen by the public so we decided to put together a completely new version – our ‘Director’s Cut’ – which with a new script, new footage and even better animation, would not only capture Pizza Hut’s ethos and distinctive feeling but also allow us to turn up the heat with this exciting sizzle reel and share it with the wider world.

The Concept

A pizza oven ignites into flames revealing a flaming arrow which propels the action through a variety of flaming neonized scenes interwoven with falling ingredients, a pizza box and tasty pizzas.

We channeled the dark Pizza Hut aesthetic and neon visual elements, and took their neon arrows and words to a whole new level by completely setting them on fire. This remained as a consistent thread throughout the entire piece. After slicing the visuals like chefs with ingredients, we heat-distorted, textured, and burned everything including the iconic hat to embrace the spirit of Pizza Hut. 

Style Frames

The Result

An off the scale, mouth-watering fiery “flamin’ feast” digitally delivered as a package bursting with flavour.


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