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Sally - Director's Cut

About The Film

With its 240+ stores, the Sally brand is well renowned in the hair, nails, and beauty industry for supporting the needs of professionals and everyday consumers.

I was brought in by an agency to create a film highlighting the work that they had done for the brand over the past few years.

The film was never intended to be seen by the public but it was liked so much that I wanted to share the feeling the piece created with the world.

Building on the foundations of the original film, I created an entirely new version with a new script, new footage, and even better animation.

This Director’s Cut captures the essence of the Sally brand whilst amplifying the message of ‘living your wildest dreams’, linking back to Sally’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ hair extension range.

The Concept

My aim for the film was to capture the Sally vibe with emotive models and luscious hair, whilst speaking with their brand voice to resonate and be familiar, all underpinned by animation designed to embody you living your wildest dreams.

Graphical elements from the Sally brand guidelines were carefully chosen and adapted to create the visual aesthetic.

The end result is a film that speaks volumes and reflects the soul of the Sally brand.

I hope you enjoy the emotion expressed through rich and vibrant detail.


Style Frames

Copyright - Caveco Creative Limited.
Copyright - Caveco Creative Limited.

The Result

On airing the original film the client’s punctuating comment was a resounding:

“Hell Yes!” – Creative Director – Anonymous brand.

The original film helped me become their first choice freelance animator and I went on to produce 13 more films like these for the agency for different brands.


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